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Cookies and Copyright – Cookies and Copyright
The following statement explains our policy regarding our copyright and the use of cookies.

Our use of Cookies| top

We may use small pieces of data known as "cookies" to collect anonymous information from visitors to Our website and from Our registered users.

Cookies are set on Your browser when You log-in to the Website and We use them to identify users on the Website. Cookies enable Us to remember Your log-in and password so You may not have to remember it and re-enter it each time You visit Our Website. cookies cannot be read or used by any other websites and do not contain Your Personal Data.

We may also use "Session cookies" for registered users. These will help you to move around the website faster and allows us to give you information relevant to your use of the Service. This Session cookie automatically expires when you close down your browser.

How cookies work| top

When You enter a website your computer will automatically be issued with a cookie. Cookies are text files that identify your computer to the server. Cookies in themselves do not identify the individual user, just the computer used. Many sites do this whenever a user visits their site in order to track traffic flows.
Cookies themselves only record those areas of the site that have been visited by the computer in question, and for how long. Users have the opportunity to set their computers to accept all cookies, to notify them when a cookie is issued, or not to receive cookies at any time. The last of these, of course, means that certain personalised services cannot then be provided to that user.

Copyright | top

The website is protected by the Copyright Designs Act 1988 and Copyright and rights in Database Regulations 1997.

The content of the website remain the property of and is thus copyrighted with all rights reserved. Replication, publication and/or distribution of any or all of the contents of the website is prohibited. You may however save, download or print out individual selections for your own personal information.

Trademarks and logos other than those relating to are taken from the public domain and all are acknowledged. Some of the data included in any search and results provided by are from external websites and are subject to separate copyright.

The Database comprises a collection of independent works, data or other materials that have been arranged in a systematic and methodical way and, are individually accessible by electronic or other means.

The selection, arrangement and presentation of the contents of website and Database constitute intellectual creation. Attempts to copy or extract information for purposes that will infringement on Our intellectual creation are prohibited.

If you have any doubts about whether your intended use of the information from Our website will infringe on's Database Right or Intellectual creation, please contact us immediately.

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