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Advertising with | top is a dedicated internet portal for Africans and African Organisations based in the UK. We provide distinct information targeted to African and Africa Organisations in the UK. Our registered customer base of African based in the UK is substantial and growing.

We offer banner promotional adverting and article sponsorship that can assist you in delivering your advertising message to our customer base in a very targeted manner. For example, you can elect to display your banners:

  • To defined sections within the home page, a premium location, and the first page that visitors view when accessing our website. Advertising messages here will target our entire customer base and all initial visitors to the site.
  • To defined sections within the Country Pages, for advertising messages which are targeted specifically at our country specific customers, but with access by our entire customers base.
  • To defined sections within sub pages, which include Entertainment, Business, News, Sports, Community and Marketplace, and other related pages, which target our entire customer base or our country specific customers.
  • Or you can sponsor our regular email or our newsletter mailings, which are sent out to all our registered customer base.

To find out more detail of how you can advertise on, Please email us at with a note of your target audience and advertising requirements and we will use our knowledge of the site to help you place your advertising messages to the best advantage.

Our Advertising policy | top

We accept advertisements from companies that offer related services or products that can be targeted to Africa, for Africans and African Organisation, especially those targeted at Africans and African organisations based in the UK.

We use the web to attract visitors to, so we understand your need to ensure that your advertising spend gets the right level of return and we can work with you to achieve this aim.

We reserve the right to refuse to accept advertising from certain types of sites/Companies, for example, those of an adult nature, or anything of an extreme political nature. Banners and buttons must be of standard size; pop-ups are not permitted.

Our Pricing | top

The minimum commitment duration for any advertising message is one month. The minimum spend per month for any advertising placement is £55 plus VAT. If you commit longer, we reflect this in the pricing structure.

There is no set up fee if the banners are supplied to our requirements. We have specific requirements around style, type and sizes of banners that can be used on our site.

You are free to submit your own banners which we will review to ensure that they meet our requirements. We also offer a banner design service, through our preferred supplier, should you require banners (or a website) designed for you.

Important Information | top may change these terms at any time by updating the conditions detailed above. Please review these terms regularly to ensure you are aware of any changes made by the Your continued use of after changes are posted means you agree to be legally bound by these terms as updated and/or amended.

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