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About Us - "Everything African in the UK"

About Us - provides a community for Africans, people of African origin, friends of Africa and African related organisations and service providers based in the UK.

AfricaUK's objective is to bring people of African origin and African Organistaion and service providers in the UK, together as a community, and provide a central location for people to gain access to specific information about Africans and African related activities in the UK, through the website.

AfricaUK aggregates articles, events, services, directory listings and relevant information from an extensive number of sources, including or registered members, articulating and selecting those sources and the information that is only relevant to people of African origin and African organisations and service providers in the UK.

Our Solutions

AfricaUK Articles , providing general and country specific related information on Entertainment, Business, News, Sports, Community and MarketPlace based topics, specifically selected and affecting Africans and African Organisation in the UK.

AfricaUK Directory, our directory of companies, businesses and organisations in the UK that provide services for Africans or to Africans. With the various search options available, you are able to find the company you want, here in the UK.

AfricaUK Events, our listing of African Related events that are occurring in the UK, searchable by Day, Month, Category or Country. Whenever you are looking for an African Related event then here is the place to find it.

AfricaUK Services, our collection of various selected services and offering that affect all Africans and African Organisations in the UK. With a wide selection of services, offering, competitions of benefit to you.

AfricaUK Forum, Our Discussion forum, providing the platform for African and African orgainsations in the UK, to interact and discuss on various topics. Register, login and join the growing number of African's and African organistion, using the AfricaUK Forum for discussions and interactions.

AfricaUK Country Profiles - Want to know general information about an African country, Embassy information, travel Advice, selected relevant links or what to do, where to stay and where to go in an African country, the Our profile pages can help you.

AfricaUK Highlights - This section provides highlights on topics specifically chosen by AfricaUK, which are of benefit to africauk and its registered customers. Check here frequently for your AfricaUK highlights.

Our AfricaUK Newsletter, which is sent occassionaly to all our customers provides an insite to specific topics featured within, coming soon features and provides

Our Management

AfricaUK Management team consists of a diverse group of committed professionals, dedicated to making the UK's African community.

Our staff, who are all based in the UK, are mainly from various African countries and have an indepth knowledge of Management, Business and Information Technology.

We collectively, have extensive experience in generating value through the Internet and our team represents more than 30 years in various professional fields.

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